Kahu Creek Ranch

Now based in Taranaki, providing education in Working Equitation and Equestrian Vaulting in New Zealand.

We love helping to build your skills, and making it fun too!

Vaulting builds awareness, balance, and coordination for human bodies with gymnastic exercises and acrobatic teamwork, progressing to performing dance routines on horseback to music.

Working Equitation develops the horse and rider partnership with Dressage and Ease of Handling through obstacles, following a path of simple progressions that encourages correct movement in a way that makes sense to the horse.

Learn about emotional pathways in horses and how survival instincts affect the body. You will be guided in techniques for nourishing the calming effects of the nervous system, building secure connections, confidence, and resilience that maintains health and emotional well-being.

Weekend clinics by appointment. Available for private or group sessions in the Taranaki region and vicinity.

Our Background

Equestrian Training


Home of the Waimauku Vaulting Club

Vaulting barrel lessons for fitness, balance and awareness


Rider development through exercises on the lunge

Working Equitation

Horse Training

Building balance and quality of movement

Classical approach

In-hand & lunging

About Us

Belinda Rodriguez is an experienced coach, specialising in the equestrian disciplines of Vaulting and Working Equitation. She founded and managed the Waimauku Vaulting Club and was a founding executive member of Working Equitation New Zealand, Inc. In April 2020 she co-founded Virtual Working Equitation, a format for educating and developing Working Equitation in New Zealand, running online competitions and webinars.

Educator at Equitana Auckland 2019.

undefinedOrganiser of Virtual Working Equitation and providing instruction for the lower levels.

Equine entertainer at major events including Equidays, Equitana, and horse racing events.

Waimauku Vaulting Club website

For more information on the Waimauku Vaulting Club. See the Waimauku Vaulting Club website.

Working Equitation New Zealand Inc.

For more information on the national organisation Working Equitation New Zealand Inc. See the wenz.nz website.

Virtual Working Equitation website

The first NZ based online Working Equitation competition and educational resource for competitors. Visit Virtual Working Equitation

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