Why ‘Group Think’ doesn’t help our horses

Firstly, let me start by saying that no one is getting everything right all the time. The learning curve for anything, including things we thought we already knew, means that sometimes we make assumptions that are not right, or take actions that don’t work out well. Unfortunately, perfectionism in the horse world is rife, soContinue reading “Why ‘Group Think’ doesn’t help our horses”

The Effect of Little Bits of Trauma on our Bodies

The word ‘trauma’ comes to us usually with extreme connotations of harrowing events like war or tragedy producing painful and distressing physical and mental injuries. But in everyday life, trauma manifests in much more subtle ways as a matter of us adapting to our environment to survive everyday threats – mini threats, like spilling milkContinue reading “The Effect of Little Bits of Trauma on our Bodies”

Anxious Horses – Energy and the Horse

There’s something about horses, a sixth sense that most humans are not attuned to noticing. Let’s call it the ‘energy sense’. I believe that this comes from the highly developed nervous system in the horse, a gift of evolution that has helped them survive. There is a hypothesis that horses synchronise their heartbeats in aContinue reading “Anxious Horses – Energy and the Horse”

The making of an Expert

To learn it more deeply, teach it. Daniel Coyle Daniel Coyle’s book ‘The Talent Code’ is one of my favourite books. It is a goldmine of tips on developing skill. It debunks the myth that talent is born. Instead, demonstrating through examples of the author’s research, how talent is developed. Ten thousand hours of deepContinue reading “The making of an Expert”